Absolute Analysis is a leading supplier of test and measurement solutions to the international telecom, datacom and military markets. It provides testing, measurement, recording and analytics systems based on its specialist sector knowledge and its proprietary software and hardware products. Customers include major manufacturers of mobile devices, chipsets and network equipment, mobile network operators, prime military contractors, and network infrastructure houses.

Its office is located just outside of Los Angeles, California, and has distribution offices in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, and Munich.

What we do

Our Expertise

The talent and dedication of our employees differentiate us above any technical leadership or market sector specialization. They have brought us to the leading edge of a fast-moving industry for over a decade. Their innovation, quality control, and solutions make business easier, faster, and more convenient for our customers. We are committed to building our global leadership and maintaining our technical edge in network monitoring and testing, actively applying our experience to see which way trends are headed, then applying our expertise to help our customers gain leadership in their respective fields.

Network Device & Interoperability Testing

We provide specialized test and monitoring systems, including hardware and software to enable equipment manufacturers to design and maintain high performance chipsets and network devices. This allows our customers to bring them to market quickly with the highest quality.

The test and monitoring functions become more critical as technologies advance at an ever rapid rate. Our laboratory test solutions allow validation of interoperability and compliance against industry standards. They also provide network operators the confidence they can meet the high quality expectations of end customers by ensuring proper device performance in real-life situations.

Wireless RAN Testing and Monitoring

Wireless Radio Access Networks (RAN) are constantly subject to both internal evolution and external noise factors. In this fast moving and competitive market, our technology enables operators to optimize RAN performance by monitoring different aspects of this network, and providing analytics to help pinpoint causes of low performance. Our product line enables real-time results, data recording, and data analytics, allowing our customer to check that networks are operating at optimal levels which ensure the highest end-user Quality of Service.

Who we work with

Semiconductor Manufacturers

Absolute Analysis enables major semiconductor manufacturers to develop and test quality products. Our test and measurement technology comprises software, hardware and test platforms to help manufacturers to bring their chip designs to market quickly and at lower cost.

Wireless Network Operators

Our Integris product line enables mobile network operators to measure, monitor and optimize their networks to provide a consistent level of service and quality of experience to their customers. Our base station emulation systems provide the technology for mobile network operators to validate installations of Radio Access Network equipment as well as troubleshoot malfunctioning devices.

Network Equipment

Absolute Analysis line of base station and remote radio emulators and analyzers enable network equipment manufacturers to design and validate their products' performance by providing a real-life simulation environment within the laboratory and provide insight into performance under these conditions. Engineers can then use the equipment during field installation and deployment to ensure quality performance through the entire product lifecycle.

Military Communications

Military communications require the use of non-standard, proprietary protocols for their networks. Absolute Analysis products contain a flexible protocol engine that can be easily customized to validate and decode secret and closed network devices. Military design engineers can test, debug and monitor this equipment within the confines of their laboratory, or in the field.

The Mission

Absolute Analysis works with the major device, chipset and network equipment manufacturers, mobile operators and test houses. We provide device infrastructure and network testing systems that are based on our specialist sector knowledge and on our proprietary software and hardware products.

The Opportunity

The world's population demands connectivity via smartphones that connect information with people. The number of smartphone users is expected to surpass 2 Billion in 2016, up over 12% annual growth over the last 5 years. The wireless network infrastructure must support this growth, particularly in developing countries where growth can be over 10x the global average. This requires the network to handle extreme loads of data, both now and in the future.

The ability to maintain a fast, reliable wireless network has become so critical to a region and even a country's population that it influences growth of the economy, and also its energy and transportation industries. Since it is so critical, it requires a high level of investment in people and resources to handle the growth and maintenance in the area which it serves.

To support this growth, new technologies such as 4G/LTE and 5G for optimal RF spectrum transmission, as well as new network infrastructure systems such as small cell, DAS, and Cloud RAN are needed to satisfy the ever increasing bandwidth requirements.
While these technologies are capable of handling the bandwidth now and in the future, their complexity is orders of magnitude beyond previous 3G equipment. This forces the network operators to use new test methodologies that are able to handle the complexity and technology, while still making it easy to monitor and debug problems.

Absolute Analysis is committed to addressing these problems and more. With the digitization of data through almost the entire RAN, we are working towards providing solutions that not only solve the problem at the local level, but also the ability to collect this data, provide collaboration software to solve problems faster, store the data to leverage big data analytics and cloud computing. All of these services will lead to a network that is more easily maintained and optimized, both at a local and national scale.