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Over 400 automated Test Cases Speeds Integration Testing of Remote Radio Heads and other CPRI Slave devices.

Newbury Park May 20th, 2013 – Absolute Analysis today announced a new Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) Slave Compliance Test Suite to automatically test remote radio heads (RRH) and other devices implemented with CPRI Slave Ports.  The Test Suite is designed to automatically exercise a Slave Port for compliance with the CPRI Specification v5.0 and produces both a summary report identifying errors found, as well as detailed reports on each Test Case executed.

Most baseband unit (BBU) manufacturers as well as RRH and DAS manufacturers face the problem of interoperability.  A single BBU is required to support multiple devices from different vendors, which results in many hours of integration testing between the different devices.  In addition, the RRH or DAS manufacturer often times does not have immediate access to a qualified BBU, making compliance testing almost impossible.  By using a standard test system, a BBU is not necessary, and device manufacturers can test to a common standard, significantly reducing the risk of interoperability issues.

Mobile operators can also ensure that devices claiming compliance to the CPRI specification are checked during product evaluation without the need to produce lengthy test procedures and test code as part of the verification process.

“Our customers have told us that test automation is a key requirement for them.” says Dennis Murphy, CEO of Absolute Analysis.  “With our new CPRI Slave Compliance Test Suite, equipment manufacturers can spend less time integration testing which will reduce costs and speed time to deployment.”

The Test Suite runs on the Absolute Analysis Investigator Test System. Using Investigator’s ability to not only generate CPRI downlink traffic, but also to decode the responses on the uplink, the Test Suite can be used to determine protocol compliance and to debug areas of non-compliance.  Over 400 Test Cases are included in the Test Suite and user’s can select to run the entire set of Test Cases, or to run only a subset of Test Cases that correspond to the capabilities of the Slave device.

To accommodate individual vendor innovation there is also the flexibility to customize the Test Suite to handle vendor specific features. This will allow BBU manufacturers, Radio Access Network (RAN) system integrators and Operators to roll out standardized tests to all their vendors, saving both time and money by minimizing interoperability issues during integration testing.
For pricing and availability of the CPRI Slave Compliance Test Suite please contact Absolute Analysis at +1-805-376-6048.