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How To Solve An Auto-Negotiation Problem: A Case Study with IBM

IBM microcode developers had been battling a large interoperability issue involving new code using 8Gbps Fibre Channel. IBM engineers were getting frustrated and agitated as their X-Gig analyzers weren't capable of capturing a valid trace of the auto-negotiation sequencing or conversations that their new device was having with other devices running at various speeds of Fibre Channel.

The real problem was that their design wasn't working, and they could not resolve or even determine what the real issue was without a clear trace capture of what was taking place.

That's when IBM decided to contact Absolute Analysis.  IBM had been evaluating Absolute Analysis in several locations across the world over the past year.  However, this issue was the catalyst or the "compelling event" that prompted IBM to contact Absolute Analysis to see if the Absolute Analysis Investigator would be able to support the critical "auto-negotiation testing" that no other systems were able to.

Absolute Analysis confirmed that they could perform what IBM required, and within a week, Nigel Brownlow flew to New York with the Investigator equipment to demonstrate our capabilities by helping IBM. Within an hour of the Absolute Analysis Investigator system arriving, IBM had captured the trace file they desired and was able to identify exactly what the problem was.  As it turns out, IBM had done their work correctly, but two other major company's devices had not properly adhered to the protocol specification.  Nevertheless, without the test results derived from using the Absolute Analysis Investigator, there would be no way for this group to have understood or even resolved the issue.


Click below to watch an online video detailing how the auto-negotiation testing solved the problem!


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