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Newbury Park, CA September 16th, 2014 – Absolute Analysis today announced the release of the Integris 3000, a product that will make it possible for wireless service providers to do interference analysis of wireless signals in radio access networks from anywhere (RAN) by extracting the RF data directly from the CPRI link.

Remote RF Inteference Debugging

One of the most difficult and costly tasks for telecom operators is to debug uplink interference problems that can affect the Quality of Service (QoS) of a cell network. Currently, because of the separation of the remote radio (RRH or RRU) and the baseband unit (BBU) in modern 4G/LTE RANs, the only place the RF wireless signal is available is at the top of the tower. This makes it impossible to use standard spectrum analysis tools because climbing the tower requires a licensed tower crew, making the endeavor impractical from both a cost and usability perspective.

This problem can be solved by using the Integris 3000 to tap directly into the fiber communication link that exists between the remote radio and the BBU. This link uses the CPRI protocol to carry the digitized RF signal from the baseband unit to the remote radio and vice versa. The

Integris 3000 extracts this digitized RF signal, displays this signal in the spectrum analysis GUI.

“This solution is a game changer for operators who are struggling with debugging interference problems on cell towers that use remote radios.” says Dennis Murphy, CEO of Absolute Analysis. “The access to the RF signal through the fiber link at the bottom of the tower provides capabilities the RF engineers do not currently have, as traditional RF spectrum analyzers require access to the analog RF signal.”

The Integris 3000 includes a comprehensive set of features not found in any other product.

  • Instant RF resolution confirmation via remote monitoring and control capabilities: Users can remotely view the waveform from an offsite location, allowing instantaneous confirmation of problem resolution.
  • Industry first collaboration features: collaboration software allows multiple users to view live or recorded RF waveforms. This allows collaboration of RF engineers and network technicians for fast problem resolution.
  • Complete RF interference characterization and recording: The tool contains complete spectrum analysis functions for quick characterization of interferers, as well as spectrum recording capabilities for playback at a later time.
  • Single tool to verify installation and maintenance of remote radios: The Integris 3000 is part of the Integris product line that can do remote radio installation testing and Cloud-RAN performance testing across WDM networks, all within a single unit.
  • Support for all network vendors: All major network manufacturers are supported, as well as any vendor compliant to the CPRI specification 6.0.

The product is housed in a rugged laptop-style case. Other chassis configurations are available.

The Integris 3000 is available for order today. For more information, please call our sales department at (805)376-6048 or visit the Integris 3000 web page at

About Absolute Analysis

Absolute Analysis develops test equipment that performs complete high speed serial bus verification and validation across standard protocols, custom or proprietary protocols, and mixed protocol environments. Protocol support includes Serial RapidIO, PCI Express, CPRI, OBSAI, Fibre Channel, Ethernet up to 10 Gbps, and many others.