Integris Product Line:

Wireless Network Field Testing for 4G/LTE Radio Access Networks

    Integris 2000

    RRH and Cable Installation Tester

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    Integris 3000

    RF Spectrum Measurements over CPRI

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What is Integris™?

The Integris product line is designed specifically for field personnel doing installation, testing and debugging Radio Access Networks in the field. At their core, the products cover testing around the CPRI link, which is the critical high serial optical link that allows the baseband unit (BBU) communicate with the remote head (RRH)

Each application is designed with the ease of operation in mind, reducing the learning curve for field technicians and allowing them to be able to get results quickly and clearly. This is possible because each one of the Integris models are designed to test a specific problem. These problems have been identified by our partners as some of the top problems in installation and maintenance of RANs. Integris Solutions are available in a Rugged Laptop or Field Server form factors that both support all the applications modules described below --Click on the respective link to get more information.

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The Integris Chassis

Built for Reliability and High Performance

The Integris Rugged Laptop is a briefcase-sized high performance, integrated, rugged field test system designed to deliver reliable and high performance RF Spectrum Analysis over CPRI for mobile communication networks. Supports link rates from CPRI Rate 1 through Rate8 and 5 Mhz, 10 Mhz, 15 Mhz & 20 Mhz carriers

At 16.1 x 11.4 x 4.6 inches in size, the Rugged Integris is lightweight and precision-molded out of magnesium alloy. Integris delivers maximum ease of use along with high performance efficiency in the field.

Sealed ports and doors provide an ingress protection against dust, moisture and water certified to an IP65 milspec rugged rating.

Integris Rugged Laptop uses advanced display technology that reduces the sunlight's reflectivity and provides a more effective contrast rate than other displays.