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RRH/RRH Installation Tester

Field installation teams for RRH s have a difficult task in validating the installation for proper cabling and RRH operation. This is because the BBU that connects to the RRH is not present during the RRH installation, making it impossible to truly know if the tower cabling and RRH have been installed properly.

With the Integris RAN Tester, crews can use the single button operation to validate the entire RRH network installation, from the cable connectivity to the RRH operation. Integris RAN Tester saves operators money by preventing multiple truck rolls (which can cost thousands of dollars per roll) as well as reducing the time-to-deployment allowing the tower to start producing call volume faster.

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Test Applications

Test Applications

The Integris 2000 is designed to validate the work of field installation teams installing Radio Access Network (RAN) equipment, such as Remote Radios, its associated fiber cabling, and SFP connectors.

Cable Testing

  • Tests cable for connection integrity
  • Automatically checks for SFP and connector problems
  • Single touch tests entire cabling network
  • Cable Testing

    Remote Radio Installation Diagnostic Testing

  • Verifies the proper operation and installation of a remote radio from the ground
  • Depth of the testing includes full exercise of radio head initialization states
  • BBU is not necessary, as Integris simulates the BBU to test the remote radio
    • See the Integris Chassis

      The unique Integris chassis is entirely ruggedized, designed for reliability and high performance.

      Integris 3000

      RF Spectrum Measurements over CPRI

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