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Operators and contractors who install and maintain radio access networks (RAN) know that fiber is used as the medium of communication between the baseband unit (BBU) at the bottom of the tower and the remote radio (RRH or RRU) at the top of the tower.

The communication protocol used in this fiber is the Common Public Radio Interface, or CPRI. All RF data is now digitized at the top of the tower through the RRH/RRU and send down the fiber link. This poses quite a few problems when installing and maintaining performance of these networks:

  • Validating proper RRH/RRU installation: Has the unit been installed properly? Is the wiring all correct? Did the RRH/RRU get damaged during the delivery or installation process? If the unit does not come up, how to I debug it?
  • Analog RF port no longer available: With only fiber being run down the tower, access to the RF coax cable is only available at the top of the tower. This renders current test tools obsolete. How do I get access to the analog RF signal at the bottom of the tower?

The Integris product line addresses these issues by providing a CPRI analysis and troubleshooting engine. This engine can be use in a variety of different ways.

Installation Solution The Integris product line can be used to

  • Monitor the RF spectrum over fiber
  • Monitor and diagnose RRH/RRU devices for proper operation
  • Turn up new RRH/BBU installations to ensure proper operations from the start
  • Debug the CPRI communication link when the devices are malfunctioning
  • Collect digitized RF data from all sectors, towers, or DAS networks
  • Collaborate in real-time with subject matter experts in RF or communications to solve problems quickly
  • Analyze RF data with analytics such as excess power, interference trends, and faulty operation.
  • Connect multiple devices together and store results in the cloud for record keeping and big data mining

We work with major service providers world wide, and interoperate with existing operator equipment and software platforms

Our Solution: Integris

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